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"Dear Yvonne

We congratulate Caboolture Montessori School on the skills that their students display in starting Secondary school. They have a great confidence in their learning, strong mathematical aptitude, and are able to use  initiative in their approach. We also value their respect for social justice and moral purpose. We have had students gain leadership positions in our College including College Captain. We love students from Montessori to come to our College as they contribute well to our community, and are willing to step forward as they used to working independently.

With kind regards"

Ann Rebgetz
Principal  |  St Columban’s College

"Dear Yvonne,

I just wanted to thank you so much for your valuable time yesterday and [for the] wonderful way you explained and presented your school.  Your students are just adorable and so beautifully resourceful and creative.  They are a credit to you and your teachers.  I was quite excited telling my staff about all that you had shown me.

Thank you again.

Warren Irvine"
Grace Lutheran College, Caboolture

"THANK YOU for involving myself and the 100  beautiful butterflies in your Environment Day! I have never been to such a wonderful school. I loved the excitement, respect, wonderment and natural appreciation of the butterflies displayed by all of the children (watching adults faces light up with excitement is pretty special too). ALL of the children, families, teachers and staff I met are a true testament to your vision and mission for the education of our young generation. I had the privilege of a tour of your school from one of your young students and it was so informative and humbly impressive. I am so happy the butterflies were released in such a wonderful environment and you will have many more breeding around your school. Thank you. "

(Angela, Bribie Butterfly Volunteers)

"It’s with much sadness that our family is saying good bye to Montessori School. The past year has been a wonderful and unforgettable experience for our family.

As we prepare our family for the big move to Townsville, we taste a bitter sweet in our lives. I keep looking out at the playground from the kitchen while delivering healthy smoothies to wonderful children, and catch myself thinking : there is no school like this. How lucky are we?  Leaving the Montessori community is certainly one of the hardest decisions, and we can only hope that the little time our children were here, will be enough for them to always remember who they are and know their potential.

I can certainly tell that both M and E have grown immensely, both academically socially and emotionally.  Attending Montessori is not just attending a school, it’s more like a Montessori experience! It’s a life time experience that we will always be grateful that our children were able to have. I’ll forever remember their time here, and know that they’ve had one of the best years of their lives whilst at Montessori.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and all school staff for the care given to my children for the past year.  We really appreciate all the effort, the understanding, the support, the respect, the love!

We hope to be able to come from time to time and visit. This school will forever hold a place in our hearts.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

M, J and D will finish at the end of the second term, and E will finish at the end of the third term. We think that it will help him have a bit more of a closure after going to his Camberra trip.

Forever grateful,"

(R. Reed, Parent)

"My name is Ally and last year I came to do some prac work for a teachers aide course from tafe. I really just wanted to thank you for being so welcoming and hospitable. Your school is so amazing and what I experienced and learnt has driven me to enrol in a bachelor of teaching which I am loving and find myself reflecting on Montessori practices quite often. Elizabeth taught me so much and was so encouraging that I have been inspired and find motivation to be a single parent and a teacher just as Elizabeth demonstrated can be done with hard work and passion. I overall wanted to thank you and your school for being so kind to me through my learning and for giving me the drive to become a teacher. I plan to use some of the strategies that I learnt in my future teachings."

(A. Leivesley, Student Teacher)

"Just wanted to shoot you a quick email to say Thank You again for the wonderful and informative Parent Forum we had again today! I really appreciate your wonderful wisdom and the excellent ideas we get from these sessions. I think you are a rare model of a Principal and that any parent would give their left arm for such a loving and caring role model for their children!!

Thank you!"

(J. Sutherland, Parent)

"I would like to extend my thanks to Caboolture Montessori School for participating in our foundation program ‘Auskick’.  Thirty eight participants joined in the 7 week program which teaches the fundamental skills of AFL as well as basic motor skills and team work games.  This school had some of the most polite, respectful and well behaved students I have come across in my 4 years working with the AFL Schools program.  It was a pleasure conversing with the school's students and staff and I look forward to continuing the program in years to come, providing opportunities for AFL participation and physical development.

Many Thanks,"

(Kenrick Tyrrell, AFL Qld)

"Just wanted to write a quick note to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to attend the cycle 2 school camp last week. Bestbrook Mountain Resort was a terrific location and the onsite staff made us feel very welcome and looked after the children with respect, awesome food, positive learning environment, enthusiasm and loads of fun activities.  As a parent helper,  I witnessed the children learn and experience many things, but above all,  I saw children battle with the challenges of being away from the comfort and security of their homes and loved ones, and it was remarkable to see them overcome their fears and strive to become little independent people in such a short space of time.

I can truthfully say that my child has returned from camp with more respect for the home and a greater sense of independence and maturity, and I put this down to the care and guidance of the teaching staff and dedication of her parent helper (thank you Eva). I hope I was able to imbue some of the same qualities upon the children in my camp and everyone else that attended.

Well done and congratulations to all that helped coordinate this journey."

(J. Conte, Parent)

"Dear Yvonne

Many thanks for recently allowing us to promote Mt Maria College Petrie to your families.

Subsequently, you asked us for information about students who have transitioned to Mt Maria College, having completed their primary education at the Montessori School, Caboolture.

The students from the Montessori School have coped extremely well in their transition from Montessori to Mt Maria College, Petrie. One of the benefits of attending Mt Maria College is that it is a small secondary school and everyone knows each other. Having only 60 students in each year level, provides staff and students alike the opportunity to get to know everyone. The children are managing very well both academically and socially.

Montessori students are generally quiet, independent, capable students. They are generally conscientious, diligent, committed, mature, polite, confident, courteous and cooperative.

I have attached a brief comment about each student.

Yours sincerely"

(Mandy Sullivan, Acting Principal, Mt Maria College Petrie)

"Dear Yvonne and all teachers,

[] I would like to thank you for the graduate ceremony and excellent dinner. I was always a little unconviced about Montesori education, as all our other grand children attend main stream schools, as did our three children.

However after Wednesday night I was amazed at the poise and confidence exhibited by your eleven and twelve year olds!

Suffice to say, I am totally changed.

I do thank you for the huge effort you put into the children. The results are very apparent. I am sad that we will no longer be part of your 'family'.

Yours sincerely"

(J. Aldred, Grandparent)

"Overall we feel as though Maddy adjusted extremely well to high school. Whilst the Montessori philosophy differs quite significantly to mainstream education, it seems to have prepared Maddy very well, allowing her to face the challenges of entering high school, with its different academic and social 'expectations' with confidence.

Academically, Maddy transitioned very easily to high school, finding in many of her classes that she had either already learned the subject matter or that it was easy for her to learn. This meant that her homework load was lessened, as she was able to complete most of the work in class time. Her teachers have acknowledged her achievement of 'excellent results through a successful application and effort in class work, homework and assignments'. No doubt, the Montessori education she had at CMS assisted her in becoming a motivated and committed learner.

Socially, Maddy believes that children that came from a primary school that had many children transitioning to high school together would have found the change easier. Having said that, Maddy made many new friends quite quickly, having the confidence to meet new people. After a short settling in period, Maddy has become involved in many activities of the high school, joining sports teams and her house committee and thriving on the new opportunities high school provides. Her teachers have described her as 'a positive, friendly and polite student who is a well-liked member of the class' as well as 'diligent, attentive and co-operative; a delight to teach'. No doubt, credit must go to CMS for encouraging Maddy’s personal growth via its focus on grace and courtesy, values and support of her individual learning and developmental needs."

(R. Perkins, Parent)

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