Kindergarten Program


Our school runs a Queensland Government approved kindergarten program for children in the year before Prep.


We acknowledge the funding we receive from the Queensland Government which supports the kindergarten students in our Cycle 1 Montessori program.

Kindergarten Fees

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New Legislation

Eligible Age for Kindergarten Program Participation and Funding

What are the recent changes to program delivery and funding guidelines for kindy providers?

The Queensland Kindergarten Funding Scheme (QKFS) is now available for children who turn four years old by 31 July, and who attend an approved kindergarten program. This change applies from 1 January 2015.

The Queensland Kindergarten Funding Scheme: Program Delivery Guidelines for Approved Kindergarten Program Providers.

At what age are children eligible to attend a funded Kindy program?

From 1 January, 2015, all Queensland children are able to attend an approved, funded Kindergarten program from the beginning of the year in which they will turn 4 years old by 31 July.

While younger children may participate in an approved kindergarten program*, funding is not available for these children.

It is recognised that some children may benefit from starting a kindergarten program later (Delayed Entry) or by participating in an additional year of kindergarten (Delayed Exit). The approved kindergarten program provider is responsible for following the appropriate processes and managing applications for delayed entry or delayed exit enrolments.

Eligible-age cohort enrolments should be prioritised before places are offered to younger children.

How does kindy eligible age affect entry into Prep?

It is usual for children to progress to Prep after one year in a kindergarten program. However, the extension of the kindergarten eligible entry age to include children born in July does not assure these children a place in Prep the following year. Children born between 1st and 31st July will still be required to apply for early entry into Prep at their chosen school. For further information on the options for early entry to Prep refer to Factsheet – Changes to Early Entry Provisions for the Prep Year. Parents are encouraged to discuss their child’s enrolment with their kindergarten program provider or school principal.

Can children participate in a second funded year of kindergarten?

Those children who turn 4 during July in the year they participate in a kindergarten program, and who do not go on to start Prep the following year, can attend a second funded year of kindergarten. The kindergarten program provider, in this instance, is not required to apply for Delayed Exit.

A child that has had an application for Delayed Exit approved is eligible for a second funded year of kindergarten.

Birth dates and Kindy enrolment

Child can attend Kindy

1/7/2012 to 31/7/2013


1/7/2013 to 31/7/2014


1/7/2014 to 31/7/2015


1/7/2015 to 31/7/2016

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