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More events in Term 3, 2017

Hello lovely Dugong families,

Another fortnight has passed and what an event filled fortnight it has been. We have had much to celebrate in such a short time.


New arrivalLittle Georgie Delaney who came into the world on the 21st of August. Georgie is a new little sister for Ella. We are looking forward to watching this little buddle of joy grow and become part of our Caboolture Montessori Family. Congratulations and many blessings to Joel, Rachel, Ella and Billy.




An Official Opening

The official opening of the new building was a celebration of the culmination of many people in our school community labouring collaboratively to actualise the future for our children. Congratulations to Yvonne and all the team who worked so hard to build such a beautiful learning environment. It is rather significant that our new little community of 1D where apart of the official opening of the new building. The children watched the Gubbi Gubbi dancers with respect and amazement. We have been learning about being good audience members and it showed.

Buon Compleanno: Maria Tecla Artemisia Montessori

Another celebration marked Maria Montessori’s 147th birthday on the 31st August. Our little Dugongs were extremely excited with her birthday cake. I am filled with awe and wonder when I think of the legacy she has left not only for education but also for humanity. I would love for you to share with us the impact you believe she has made to our lives.

Bravissimi Dugongs

Italian assemblyOur little Dugongs were spectacular in their very first live performance at the Italian Assembly. I’m sure your heart was bursting with delight as they sang (or didn’t sing) and performed the actions (or didn’t) in front of the whole school community. To think that they have only been learning Italian for seven weeks! Thank you Rosie for all your passion and care for our children which has helped them enjoy Italian so much this term.   

Fathers' Day

Wishing all our fathers, and those who stand in the place of fathers who are not present, a warm and wonderful celebration with your little ones for all the love and care you give them. They were very excited to go shopping with Ken to buy you a present. I’ve never seen so much love and tender care with card making; it’s nice to know you mean the world to them. 


Everyday celebrations

In our own little classroom community, we have had daily celebrations regarding learning. In Montessori education, we call these “ah” moments. These celebrations are marked by concentration, repeated practice with the educational material and then… a burst of energy, an extraordinary smile, and usually some sort of proclamation “I did it, I did it all by myself, yeah I did it” (to quote one of our little Dugongs). The industry that occurs each day as your child sets themselves up for work, organises their snack, gets ready for play and then ready to re-enter the classroom, socialises as they sit together for lunch, washes their plate and sweeps the floor, sits with their “learning family” and peacefully listens to stories or join in singing songs together is a true celebration all day. WOW, makes me puff just contemplating all they have learnt and do so far. It is hard to believe we only have another fortnight to go before the end of their first term at school.  Time flies when you’re having fun!

Catch Up Cuppa

A couple of parents have communicated their desire to have a coffee meet up before the end of term. This will be held in the Multi-Purpose Room (the old Toddler room) on Thursday 7 September. I hope many of you will be able to come along, enjoy a cuppa, and share the ways you have become part of the Caboolture Montessori Community this term.

Gemma and Ken

TERM 3, 2017

Dear Dugong Families,

Our class has now been running for six weeks. It has not been an easy start; however it has most certainly been an exciting start. Our gorgeous children have brought many insights and new ways of looking at adaptation procedures. We have leaders and followers, we have engineers and philosophers, ballerinas and painters; all needing to find their space and role. We then have two adults that are loving their new role, but also finding ways to adapt to the new dynamics.

Ken and I would like to thank families for trusting we are looking after your children and finding strategies to bring about a ‘normalised’ environment. It is fun to identify new likes, interests and the odd objection to what is provided in the class. We ask for your patience a little longer as learning is happening and will continue to augment each day with our new found understanding of individual needs and your consistent help.

Normalised = a child that can follow directions, is happy to be focussed, can choose appropriately, enjoys the new space.

What have we been doing during the first six weeks of term? Introducing many Grace and Courtesy lessons: How to walk in an indoor space, how to retrieve and replace activities, how to roll mats after use and walk around mats with work on them, how to ask for help, how to manage toileting, respecting others, how to wait patiently when others are using equipment we desperately want, how to talk with inside voices and how to express own thoughts. These are just a few of our lessons. Before starting to see ‘real work’ we need to address our community needs and this will still take a little while.

How can you help at home? Remind your child to wait for their turn patiently, replace their toys/work once finished, to wait patiently while you are having a conversation (ensuring you let them know you will attend to their query). Once a respectful attitude is created, work can happen easily and happily.

We have started lessons in literacy, mathematics, botany, geography and geometry. Identifying where children’s abilities and interests are at present, will be an ongoing quest; however we are beginning to find strong links to each child’s abilities to further their class work.

Another critical element of our class development is relationships between the children themselves. Getting to know each other and communicate appropriately takes a little time. Strong bonds are formed at this time and adults must be patient to allow this slow process as this produces a great foundation for years to come.

Next term we will provide parents a theme that they can support at home with visits to libraries, museums and other interesting spaces.

Ken and I would like again to thank you for trusting us to care for your children and assure you we are already very fond of each individual as we are starting to really know them.

Gemma & Ken

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Just a few pictures to show the industrious work of new Dugongs.

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