Marketing & Communications Manager

Before joining CMS in 2021, I spent many years working in the tourism industry in various marketing and communication related roles.  When COVID-19 hit, I decided to return to study, choosing communications as my area of focus.

I chose to work with CMS because I am a big believer in education, and I recognise the good that Montessori is capable of bringing to our world, so I’m very happy to be involved with that purpose.

My role is to communicate and share the essence of Montessori via our growing media channels, including the website, social media, newsletter, events, marketing material and more.

The things I most enjoy about my work is the environment in which everyone comes together as a team to fulfil the school vision and mission.

Montessori has captured my interest because of the unassuming and natural way it respects everyone involved, especially the students who are at the centre of the Montessori community.

My passions include running (of late),  yoga, food, figuring out teenagers, and laughing.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Tourism & Marketing

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