Bishop, Jai


Deputy Principal / Class Director

Before joining CMS in 2016, I worked at Nagoya International School in Japan as the International Baccalaureate, primary school curriculum coordinator.

I chose to work at CMS because I could see that the school had a deep belief in developing natural curiosity and intrinsic motivation in their students.

My role is to support teachers and the Principal as the part time Deputy Principal, and Cycle 3 students as a part time classroom teacher. I love assisting in the development and implementation of curriculum that is hands on, leads to deeper ideas and understandings, and naturally engages and excites students.  I find that both my roles allow me to engage in this type of work.

I am passionate about playful and gameful learning and the use of self-determination theory that encourages student confidence and a willingness to explore unfamiliar concepts with enthusiasm.

Qualifications: Advanced Diploma of Visual Arts, Bachelor of Education (Primary), Master of Education

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