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Caboolture Montessori School offers significant differences to the traditional context of learning and teaching, placing the student at the centre of his/her education.  Fully aligned with the Australian National Curriculum, we proudly educate over 200 primary students enabling them to become confident independent thinkers entirely capable of dealing with their rapidly changing world.   Starting from 15 months, our school delivers a full prep, primary (and soon post primary) level curriculum via the renowned and scientifically proven Montessori Method.  We nurture an enduring love of learning through application of the unique Montessori approach which respects the child’s choice.  We offer unique didactic materials that combine synergistically to equip students to deal confidently with their environment and ultimately their future. We believe that children naturally strive to achieve highly and it is up to us as educators to foster this innate ability.  We are situated in a beautiful semi-rural campus on the outskirts of Caboolture, and invite you to come and visit.

Join our Toddler Group and start your child's education the Montessori way

Toddler Group

Children learn best when parents and schools work together supporting the child. For toddlers, this is especially true. Dr. Montessori believed that the ability of toddlers is vastly underestimated by adults. When you join the CMS Tadpole Toddlers your child will be immersed in pre-prepared learning environments designed to accelerate academic learning. As a parent, you are also joining a supportive community; you’ll pick-up Montessori parenting tips to adapt at home and make new Montessori friends along the way. This is how parents/carers and our school come together to support your child’s learning. And that’s just for starters. Join the Caboolture Montessori Toddler Group; download a Toddler Group application here:

Top marks for CMS in NAPLAN

Naplan is just one of many ways that Caboolture Montessori School students are assessed, so we already know that CMS students are high achievers.  These Naplan results are testimony that the Montessori method of education supports students comprehensively.

Caboolture Montessori School 2022 Naplan results

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Registrations for our next Open Day on June 11th are now closed. If you are new to Montessori and would like to understand more about this method of education, please visit here.
You can also click here to view our Prospectus. If you would like to enquire about a personalised tour of our school, please contact our office to find out details.

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