To celebrate our 25th anniversary we have worked with Hive Mind artist Amelia Kalifa to create a collaborative exhibition that tells the stories of what makes our school so special. Contributing artists are:

  • Yvonne Rinaldi (Founder and School Principal)
  • Shanan Brandis (Board Representative)
  • Chelsea Brookfield (P&F Representative)
  • Jon Vieira (Teaching Representative)
  • Andrew Powell MP (Community Representative)
  • Odette Pryor (Alumna of CMS)
  • Steph McGrath (Student Representative)
  • Jemayne Nurse (Student Representative)

The exhibition was installed in the Library during July 2023 and later will be placed permanently in the Admin Building. A digital version of the CMS25 exhibition is available right here! Scroll down to view the different works telling diverse stories about what makes our school so special. The stories include thoughts on nurturing connections made at CMS, the special environment and the meaningful experiences which our CMS community has co-created over the last 25 years.

For the full program of commemorative activities celebrating the school’s 25th anniversary, check out this page.

Keep reading to view the Digital Version of CMS25 and explore the works by hovering on the images, clicking, viewing and listening where indicated.

Nurturing Connections

Love, respect, friendship, care and collaboration are the foundation of CMS and what keeps the candles burning bright.

Steph McGrath – ‘Heart = CMS’

Odette Pryor – ‘A Recipe for Childhood’

Inspiring Environment

The lush natural environment, peaceful surrounds, thoughtful buildings and long history of bamboo inspire learning and respect.

Chelsea Brookfield – ‘Paradise’

Jon Vieira – ‘Buildings and Bamboo’

Andrew Powell MP – ‘Word Cloud’

Meaningful Experiences

Meaningful lived experiences, interesting physical objects, creativity and choice are the ingredients for memories to last a lifetime.

Yvonne Rinaldi – ‘CMS is Unique’

Shanan Brandis – ‘The Magic’

Jemayne Nurse – ‘Sea Stars to Amphibians’