Library Coordinator

After finishing school, and knowing that I wanted to spend my working life being around children, I started to volunteer in Early Childhood settings. It was here that I walked into a Montessori Pre-school and knew immediately Montessori was for me. It was the calmness I felt and the individualised learning I observed that spurred me on to become an assistant in a Montessori Pre-school in Adelaide, whilst completing my Diploma of Montessori (ages 3-6).

After completing my Montessori training, I went on to complete my teaching degree, and from there taught in many mainstream schools in Adelaide and England, and then in a Montessori school as a Cycle 1 teacher, as well as being the school’s librarian. I also have had the privilege to work with adults with disabilities, assisting them with their recreation and leisure pursuits.

In 2011, I found my perfect role combining my passions at CMS, teaching Health and Physical Education and coordinating the library.

Qualifications: Associate Diploma of Education (Montessori), Bachelor of Teaching (Junior Primary)

Service Milestone: 10 years

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