Before taking on the role of Principal in 2009, my previous position was as Curriculum Director, and prior to returning to CMS I was a Montessori teacher, and I ran a consulting business providing educational advice to schools and other institutions.  I have worked in Montessori Education for over 30 years, and the main reasons I was drawn to Montessori were respect for the child and the rigour of this type of education.

I started at CMS in 1998 when the school opened its doors and when I returned I reignited my passion and love for this community. As Principal, I have been privileged to be a part of the School’s growth and development, and have seen significant progress during this time. The things I most enjoy about my role are working with children and staff and witnessing growth in all sectors of the community.

My passions and interests include research, swimming, reading and my grandchildren.

Qualifications: AMI Montessori Diploma (3-6), Bachelor of Education Studies, Graduate Certificate in Expressive Therapies, Master of Education (Guidance & Counselling)

Service Milestone: 10 years

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