IT & HR Manager

I joined CMS in 2007, after working in the financial services industry for 8 years, where I developed strong skills in administration and business management.  I chose to work with CMS because I wanted to bring my administrative experience to support a small school and contribute to its growth and development. I have been able to see the strengths of Montessori education first-hand through my niece, who graduated from CMS in 2013.

My primary role is to support the Principal in managing HR and ICT, with a special interest in records management and all things ‘information’.  I really enjoy helping people to get the most out of technology.

Qualifications: Fire Safety Adviser, Diploma of Business, Associate Degree of Information Technology, Bachelor of Organisational Leadership, CPMITPA, MAHRI, AACS, ASAAM

Service Milestone: 15 years

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