Class Director

I joined CMS in 2016 as the founding teacher of the Pelicans class.  I previously worked as a kindergarten teacher in Autism early intervention education, and for early childhood services in Australia and New Zealand. I chose to work with CMS because wanted to return to my previous love, Montessori.

My role is to observe, prepare and guide the children in their learning and connect the child’s potential to their environment. The things I most enjoy about my work are the children, and working with like-minded people who share a passion for Montessori.

“Help Me to Help Myself” was a key idea of Maria Montessori that drew me to this method of education; children are so capable and I am able to foster their natural abilities and independence through experiences in a prepared environment.  Building resilience through repetition and free choice develops their skills through self-directed learning, which they are able to apply to their learning throughout life.

My interests include my dogs, staffy crosses Talia and Addy, my nephews and nieces, travelling, mosaics, succulents and cacti.

Qualifications: International Montessori Diploma (Early Childhood Teaching), Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Teaching)

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