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The staff at the Caboolture Montessori School are a group of individuals that share their life, their aspirations and many, many hours with the school community. Our staff love what they do and are very happy to share their passion and dedication with others. Some staff members of our School have been with us from the first day the school doors opened to the public, others have just started this year, all have committed to be with us for at least three years and longer to ensure they follow a group of students through their Cycle of learning. All of our teachers are Montessori qualified and most of our assistants are qualified teachers.

We would like you to get to know our staff members and become familiar with them, this will personalise the educational setting you may want your child to belong to.

Teaching Staff

Our Toddler Group is run by Meg O'Brien. Meg has worked at CMS for many years as a volunteer and has much experience working with young children.

Our Cycle 1A is run by Helen Vermaak. Helen has been in Montessori for many years and has worked with early childhood students.

Our Cycle 1B class is run by Jonathan Vieira. Jonathan joined our school in 2013 after working in a Montessori program in a Qld State School.

Our Cycle 1C class is run by Lisa Rabie. Lisa joined our school in 2016 after much experience working in Montessori early education.

Our newest Cycle 1D class is run by Gemma Pollard. Gemma has worked with various age groups in a Montessori environment and has also worked with adolescent students.

Our Cycle 2A class is run by Marg McGrath. Marg joined CMS in 2014 after several years teaching in the state system, and several years working as an engineer before moving to education.

Our Cycle 2B class is run by Susan Eades. Susan has been a member of our community since 2004.

Our Cycle 2C class is run by Bill Park Weir. Bill joined our school in 2012 and worked in the economics field for 15 years before becoming a teacher.

Our Cycle 3A class is run by Elizabeth Hudson. Elizabeth joined our school in 2008 and comes from a secondary context. Elizabeth brings to the school her knowledge of the adolescent.

Our Cycle 3B class is run by Leah Brindley and Jai Bishop. Leah, joined our school in 2011 as a classroom assistant and is now a teacher in Cycle 3. Leah has completed her teacher training. Jai joined our school in 2015. He has come to us with many years of teaching experience, 4 of those years as a teacher in Japan.

Carmel Ailey is our Learning Enhancement Director and has worked for our school since 2002. Her work with children and staff offers a support program that is effective and integrated with the Montessori methodology/philosophy. Carmel works with all our exceptional children who require support.

Rosie Contarino is our Italian teacher. Rosie joined our school in 2000, and worked as our Italian teacher and as a Classroom Assistant until 2003, when she left to have her second child. Rosie returned to our school in 2006 as our Italian Teacher.

Kelly Webster is our HPE specialist, and also our Library Coordinator. Kelly joined our school in 2011 with many years teaching experience in Australia and the UK, including several years experience in Montessori schools and child care centres.

Classroom Assistants

Anna Johnston works in Cycle 1 and her previous role was in a Montessori toddler group in the USA.

Mary-Jane joined our school in 2017 as a classroom assistant in Cycle 2.

Ken McGrath is a new Cycle 1 assistant and a dedicated parents at CMS. Ken has completed studies in Montessori and has held the role of P&F President.

Sarah Mulhare joined our school in 2013 and works as an assistant in Cycle 2.

Katie Iliffe joined our school in 2017 as a classroom assistant in Cycle 1.  Katie is a CMS alumni and incredibly effective and capable young lady.

Deb Taddeucci supports Carmel as a learning enhancement assistant. Deb joined our school in 2013 with much experience in learning support in the state school system.

Jody Thornely is an assistant in Cycle 3 and is currently completing her Montessori training. Jody brings many talents to our school which are evident in the enthusiasm and creativity of our children.

Hayley Thornton joined our school at the start of 2013 as a Cycle 2 assistant. Hayley is currently studying towards her teaching degree.

Keyonie Bolton joined our school in 2018 as a classroom assistant in Cycle 3.  Keyonie is a CMS alumni and incredibly talented as both an assistant and a musicisan. She has created a song just for CMS.

Annette Soliman is the longest standing member of our community and has abdicated her position as class director to also become involved with special needs.

Rana Suluvale now supports our Learning Enhancement Director. She has many years experience in early learning and has worked in a Cycle 1 assistant position.

Debbie Williams has been with our school for several years now works as a Cycle 1 assistant. Debbie has completed her teaching degree and has started her Montessori training.

Julie Wyatt has supported our school for a few years, both as a volunteer in the library, and as an assistant in the classrooms and in Learning Enhancement.


Yvonne Rinaldi is our dedicated Principal. Yvonne has extensive experience in Montessori education, both in the classroom and in school management, and was our Director of Education before taking up the leadership role in 2009.

Stephen Tyrrell is our Business Manager. Stephen has much experience in school finance and management and joined us in 2012 to assist in the management of our growing school.

Chris Ham and Nicky Iliffe are our hard working School Secretaries.

Chris has been with us since 2002 when she returned to the workforce after raising her children. She has had 3 children graduate from Caboolture Montessori.

Nicky joined us in the office in 2008. She has been involved as a parent at CMS for many years. Nicky has had 2 children graduate from Caboolture Montessori.

Psyche Clark is our Business Services Coordinator. Psyche worked in administration in the financial services industry for 8 years before joining Caboolture Montessori in 2007. Psyche supports the Principal in school administration and management.

Hayley Martin is our Financial Officer and looks after the financial administration of the School. Hayley had extensive experience in accounts both in the private sector and with the ATO before joining CMS in 2007.


Tracey Bolton takes care of our environment and ensures everything is clean and healthy. Tracey was one of the founder parents of the school and is still with us even after both her children graduated from the School. Great testimony of a desirable community.

Allan Wickland is our Grounds and Maintenance Coordinator and what a wonderful job he does. Our school has never looked so tidy and fresh.

Outside School Hours Care (OSHC)

Chloe Thomson is the Coordinator of the OSHC service. Chloe has worked at CMS in a similar position for a couple of years and has provided children a fun and interesting program.

Kristyn Anderson is a valued member of OSHC and has worked within a Montessori environment for a year. She is completing a Bachelor in Business and Bachelor of Arts dual degree.

Jade Bastian has become known for her smiles and fun ways of managing our students. She is completing her Bachelor of Education.

Charlotte Webster enjoys sharing her knowledge and fun games with children. Charlotte has completed her Cert I and is completing her Cert III in Hospitality.

Dayna Gilmore is presently completing her Diploma in Music Business and has completed her Diploma in Music Performance.

Skye Aitken is completing her Bachelor of Education.

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Our Mission

The Caboolture Montessori School's mission is to educate individuals in our school and community by implementing the Montessori philosophy and methodology. Our aim is to prepare a developmentally appropriate environment to encourage our children to responsibly and respectfully engage in their learning journey.

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  • Address: 200 Old Gympie Road, Caboolture, QLD, 4510, Australia.
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